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The Future is Now and we need your help! Join us in making our strong Zion stronger today!


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Rev. Dr. Anne Henning Byfield

Rev. Dr. Anne Henning Byfield for Bishop

Anne Henning Byfield is one who dares to Live, Learn and Lead.

As a leader, she is considered both bold and authentic as demonstrated by the following.

She was licensed to preach at St. Paul AME Church, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1976 and admitted to the Indiana Annual Conference in 1976. She was ordained an Itinerant Deacon in 1978 and ordained Itinerant Elder in1980.

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You Can Help

You can help make a difference in the Henning Byfield For Bishop Campaign


  • Rev. Dr. Henning Byfield and family daily
  • The Campaign and Victory in 2016
  • No lack of every good thing
  • AME Church and its leadership
  • North District Indiana Annual Conference and all persons involved in the campaign


  • Encouragement to the AME Delegates to vote for her and why
  • Opportunities to discuss the candidate with others
  • Provide resources, persons, fund raising to undergird the campaign; give and raise money for campaign


  • Volunteering at Meetings, booths,
  • Direct work on the campaign(office, mailings, callings etc.
  • Present at meetings
  • Spreading the word that Henning Byfield is a candidate worthy of election
  • Believe that the Future is Now and Together we can make our strong ZION stronger

Hope for the Church

My Hope for the Church

My hope for the church is that
we will once again
love beyond our anger,
live beyond our viewed limitations,
expect the unexpected.
Recognize we are one and
not destroy ourselves,
strengthen our weak resignations, and
recapture the spirit of our ancestors
who built great cathedrals, and schools
initiated great human rights reforms
leading people to salvation,
restored broken communities
leaving an authentic legacy
because they knew God is powerful,
awesome, and can do anything more than
we can ask or think
according to the power
of God  working in us.